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Deljah S. Dickson is the author of Freshman 101: A Road Map and Journal to Surviving Your First Year of Colleg, the comprehensive resource guide for successfully navigating freshman year.


After hearing legions of stories from her friends about their good and bad college experiences, Dickson shares the principles she discovered the hard way her first year of college at famed Howard University. Her annual journal and personal survival guide includes anecdotes, tips and ideas that offer students practical information on how to successfully get through every aspect of campus life.


Dickson quickly gained notoriety for her work, selling copies of the guide to high schools and school districts across the country and touring with theBlack College Expo, where she is a celebrated keynote speaker and popular panel moderator.


In addition to penning Freshman 101, Dickson was a  contributing writer to Precious Times Magazine and a staff writer for community-based newspaper, LA Focus. She has collaborated on a cover of Ebony Magazine and co-authored a Nelson Publishing urban Bible titled REAL.


Dickson's humorous delivery style and ability to inspire and connect with younger audiences has made her a sought-after speaker, with invitations to speak across the country at numerous events such as the Black College Expo, The City of  Los Angeles-sponsored Cash for College Conference and the Essence College Tour, where she spoke at her alma mater, Howard University.


Dickson was born and raised in Los Angeles, but now travels frequently between Los Angeles and Chicago, where she lives with her husband and daughter. When she is not practicing Japanese or giving talks on college readiness, Dickson (who was trained at Le Cordon Bleu International) is usually enjoying a gourmet meal with her family.


Dickson plans to release the second edition of her book later this year.